Cupcake Ipsum (the song)

In web design, clients often ask for mockups before any content is written. Originally, lorem ipsum was used as filler text, but then placeholder generator Cupcake Ipsum came along. Years later, I decided that my very first attempt at a song should commemorate the desserty app. More years later, I realize that listening to this and keeping it on the internet is a great way to keep myself humble.


Welcome to the page where
You never lack content
“Love” is now and always
One of the options
If you're stuck on words
Put in the number of paragraphs, please
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh

Let's generate now

I, I love cupcake ipsum
Muffin pastry chocolate toffee
I, I love Unerdwear
Bonbon caramel icing candy

All we need is design
Don't worry about content
For what it's worth:
Just keep it flexible
Let's wait and see
Iterate if we need

Jelly beans ice cream
It's not the same without meaning...